Welcome to The Girl Code


At The Girl Code, we aim to inspire young girls with the confidence that they can code. By teaching them Python through fun and interactive media, and exposing them to a community of like minded young girls, our platform will help give rise to female programmers set to take the IT world by storm.

Introducing #CodewithConfidence


The Girl Code launched a video campaign titled, "Code with Confidence," wherein female programmers from around the world shared their programming journey in order to inspire young girls. Visit @thegirlcode2018 to watch it.


The crux of the lack of female programmers, is a lack of confidence. The IT industry is dominated by men; women are told they don’t fit in.We aim to inculcate confidence in our students, propelling them to break barriers.


The Girl Code aims to arouse curiosity in our students. Their curiosity on how Facebook, Instagram, the Internet work develops an interest in the subject; interest helps motivate and inspire them to work harder and improve themselves.


The Girl Code seeks to build a tight–knit community of young female programmers, always there to support, motivate, and inspire each other. A community of their peers also helps our students be more comfortable and confident.