"Understand it well as I may, my comprehension can only be an infinitesimal fraction of all I want to understand."
Ada Lovelace
Who we are
The Girl Code is a Non-Profit Organization based in New Delhi, India and Singapore, founded by two 16 year old girls from New Delhi (Japnit K. Ahuja and Samriddhi Agnihotri). It aims to introduce young girls to programming by hosting workshops at local schools.
What we do
The Girl Code takes a step toward balancing the gender ratio in the tech industry by providing an online platform to girls to learn programming and hosting workshops to to reach out to young students. Our primary aim, is to instil in them the confidence that they can code.
Why we do it
Only 11% programmers in the world are female. The IT industry is dominated by men, with women seldom finding a place in it. This has caused women to believe that they can't code; an absurd, but sad reality. At The Girl Code we're determined to change this reality.

Idea of The Girl Code

September 2017

The platform goes online

December 2017

First workshop in Delhi at Mother's International School

January 2018

Idea of #CodewithConfidence

February 2018

Second workshop in Delhi at Gyan Bharti School

May 2018

YFC project funding, Singapore

June 2018

First workshop in Hyderabad at Oakridge International

July 2018

First workshop in Singapore at NUS

August 2018

Rs 2000 awarded by LITAS to students with ideas of innovations

November 2018
Meet the team

The Girl Code currently has chapters across the world - in Delhi, Hyderabad and Singapore. Chapter leaders get a chance to organise workshops and promote the organisation in their own cities and communities and encourage young girls to code!

If you would like to start a chapter or join an existing one, you can register here.

Hyderabad, India
Shradha Sehgal
Shradha Sehgal
Vindhya Banda
Vindhya Banda
Arizona, USA
Samriddhi Agnihotri
Samriddhi Agnihotri
Singapore, Singapore
Akshita Mediratta
Akshita Mediratta
Yun Waddy Soe
Yun Waddy Soe
Past Interns