Oakridge International School, Einstein Campus

March 2019

The workshop was conducted at the Oakridge International School, Einstein campus in Hyderabad, on March 16. We spent around 7 hours in the workshop, and completed the entire platform including all the exercises. We had 15 participants at the workshop. We started with variables and then progressed to discussing data types, if/else statements, for and while loops, and functions. We then completed the exercises on the platform like the Fibonacci number generator. The girls were extremely grateful for the workshop and said that they would like to learn more about Python and delve into areas like app development.

Our students were able to easily understand and grasp all the concepts that were taught — after listening to mentors explain the concepts for about 10 minutes, they read through the curriculum material on The Girl Code platform and then completed the exercises pertaining to the concepts they had been taught. 








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